Tuesday, January 29, 2008

High Speed Internet

Wow, I probably should get paid to promote this, but I am not. After many years of dial up....one gets use to doing many things as waiting for everything to down load, pop up or what ever term the latest Guru is using these days. I have installed Verizon High speed and I love it. Today I downloaded the pics on the side of very special people in my life, grant it if I was to put all on there that I want I would never have left the house. But it did do it in record speed. And in blogger to down load pictures before seemed like forever, now once I hit the download button, it appears. Very cool. This photo was taken on the drive home Sunday.....I hate bridges but this one you have to cross if you want to get into Newport, RI. And I either am getting use to it or my fear is subsiding. I no longer am afraid of going over it and look out to both sides, as before my eyes would have been closed and I would have been peeing my pants. If you look carefully you can tell the bay is rough, white caps. Here also is where they have sailboat competitions in the summer. Also this year Newport shall be hosting the Women's golf tournament. I will be going back next month, it's a great place to go in the winter and take our dog. Hopefully the weather will be mild to do the Cliff walk. That is a 3.5 mile walk along the edge and through some neat homes. On to another subject before the sandman drags me away kicking......Last night was my first night doing 9pm-9am. It went really good. I know that further down the road it won't go so well but for now it is good. The gentleman has Alzheimer's and as it progresses the task of him staying in bed will get harder. His wife takes care of him the nights I am not there, and my presence there is to give her a break, and let her get a goodnight sleep. The funny part of this is before they moved into this house they lived in the big house and sublet this one. I was friends with the people that rented it, they were from the city and only came up on the weekends. I left {J} for a time back 7 years ago, and I stayed here. So it's almost like I completed my circle in a way. LOL same problems just years later and I am back there. Now it's off to bed.....Happy Trails!!!


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Helena said...

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