Thursday, January 10, 2008

My Thirteen Thursday List

Thirteen things I am wondering
By: Helena

1.} How will my nephew Mikie make out with all of his medical problems. {Juvenile Diabetes, growth in his back}

2.} There will be a mail count in February,Then will I get the route?

3.} How will I handle a 5 day work week?

4.} I bought 2 bedspreads for the spare roommy office,which one shall I use? The fuchsia color,or the beige Chenille.

5.} I need a new rug, for the office room, but I hesitate buying it thinking I will win the lottery and need to furnish a whole house soon.

6.} I will be hanging out with my nephews this week end. My God sons...What movies shall we watch...Any suggestions? {16 & 14 year old's.}

7.} Has any one tried Natural Advantage? And did it work?

8.} Hillery or the other guy?

9.} Count school is coming up...Ugh...Which one shall I go to?

10.} Will more people play Situation Sunday?

11.} Will I get any cross country skiing in this year?

12.} Shall I see a bear this year?

13.} Where shall our first camping trip be?...{ Hopefully not near the bear}

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jenn said...

We love to camp! I can
to wait to go this summer!

Bloggers said...

I love to camp and I am also waiting on winning the lottery!! My whole house needs refurnished.

Anonymous said...

This is a brilliant idea!

We will all send you good vibes, so all your wondering will turn out wonderful.

Adelle said...

I could live without seeing a bear lol Great list. Happy T13!

bskaad said...

Hi Helena.

Hope you get the answers you hope for and that everything turns out good.

Just remember that you are making your own life, and for the things you can control it's your own decisions who make the results..

And for the things you can't control, you just have to hope that the one who are (in control), do the right thing.

Did this make sense ?? :-)

Helena said... I see why you are called that. I checked out 4 of your blogs looking for your TT list. It reminded me to deleat the blogs I don't use. Nothing is more annoying than a person with slow dial up trying to find a connection to a meme...Sorry.