Thursday, December 13, 2007


Sucked!!,LOL. Definetly was a challenge for me delivering the mail, Ugh!! The snow started here early, around 10am. Most of my boxes sloped down,,Two times I had to get pulled out with chains. It took me so freakin long. It was challenging and that part made it fun for me thou. I seem to work my best under preasure, I talked to a UPS driver who was waiting to be called off the road most of the day. This comic photo reminds me of what could happen if you stop to quickly. I was so glad to get home. { J } took some chili out of the freezer for me, I think it was better this time.....A little bit more hotter,,Yummie!! Our family Christmas party shall be postponed till the following Saturday. A Northeastern is suppose to come in again on Saturday.....These 9 inches were just a tease. Can you imagine 9 inches being just a tease...Remember we are talking about snow mind you. I might just get to do some X-country skiing in, and building a perfect snowman with my niece and nephews. The am I gotta get to work much earlier than today,,,So gotta chill out with a nice Christmas movie...and get some sleep. A fun site to check out is www.httlp:// I am sure I typed that wrong, but play around with that address: I Am sure some guru's out there shall figure it out. Happy Trails!!!!

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