Saturday, December 29, 2007

Saturday's Chum

My weekend has arrived, Yippie!....I decided not to over work my self in the New Year, and what a better way to start than the presence. I have had a full week and now I need to concentrate on me, selfish wench that I can be. On the morrow we are heading to Turning Stone and if I worked after doing the mail there would be no way I can enjoy my self. I would have had 4 hours at most sleep and I need 8 preferable 10 by the time Sunday rolls on by. And yes I am feeling guilty about not doing my sleep over at the patients house. The lady watching her does very good home care......she just has a tendency to rip people off. So.....she is being set up this weekend to see if she steals any $. She already has walked away with $30. that we know of, and a lbs of coffee. Can you fathem some one ripping off a person for their grocery $, and stealing freaking coffee. Grant it my " Copper" instincts kick in and you know she ain't stopping there. So many jobs I have done and all on the honor system. Am I the un-norm where only do not steal, and do onto others as they do onto you. I'd like to think there is more good out there than evil. Speaking of things at norm, on the morrow is Situation Sunday. If any one has a good Situation email me @ Happy Trails !!!!!!

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jenn said...

It is pretty crappy how some people take advantage and steal. I hold onto the belief that most people are honest and good.