Saturday, December 15, 2007

Saturday In My Life

Some people are over joyed when the week end comes. Me I can't wait till Sunday, then I have a one day off. Trying to do everything in one day really doesn't cut it. Today is my busy day, with tons of parcels and mail....I have to get done and be back by 4pm. New rules apply on Saturday, The truck gets there at 4:15 to pick up our outgoing. And to make maters worse the boss is there. No talking for me or leaving my area. Today John will get the riot act from the postmaster for not being available to do parcel runs. I hope he doesn't say screw it and quit, that always is a option for him. He gets a retirement check from the state and he has his own business, so he doesn't need crap handed to him on a plate. He does the best he can. He tried to do parcels the other day and his 4wheel drive wasn't working so he had to bring parcels back. I don't blame him, it was dangerous out there with 4wheel drive. I got stuck 2 times. To Wally world I go this weekend to buy new tires. Starting tomorrow I am on a diet and exercise program, yesterday {J} pointed out some flaws on my body to put it nicely. And I am glad he did,,I need to loose 15lbs. The holidays are a hard time to do it, but I will. I will just eat Christmas cookies as my main meals....No butter or mayo on them. Wish me luck! Happy Trails!!

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