Friday, December 21, 2007

The 12 Questions of Christmas

This Christmas meme is found over at Hootin' Ann's blog.

)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))1. Christmas is __Hectic_____________. [fill in the blank with ONE WORD]

2. In memories, what was the best part of your Christmases past?

When I was a child, the specialtimes my Mom or Dad, or my sister Milly made it special.

3. Was Santa ever good to you? [describe how and what]

Three times when I was younger. 1} The time my Dad must have came into some $ and splurged on all of us kids for Christmas. 2}The time my Mom scraped up enough money for me to buy this {used} Very large Christmas book, that I wanted so badly. 3} The time my sister Milly gave me a bike that she bought and fixed up for me. She did such a great job it looked brand new.

4. Do you open gifts on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, or both?This year I will open on Saturday night, our family has it's Christmas party. Then I will open { J } and Anna's gift on Christmas day.

5. Is there something you make each and every year? [craft or recipe]I make my fathers favorite Christmas dish. Kielbasa with saurerqraut and mushrooms.

6. What is your favorite five[5] Christmas songs/hymns?Little Drummer boy. We wish you a Merry Christmas. I think I'll miss this one this year. {Any religious songs, 2 of them. Cann't think of the names thou.

7. Is there a new tradition for Christmas since your childhood days?Yes all getting to gether at our boatclub. Siblings, and all the nieces and nephews and their families.

8. Describe one of your Christmas trips. [whether it's across town or across country]The time I spent Christmas at my sisters in Florida. It was nice but it didn't seem like Christmas with the warmth and no snow or cold.

9. Do you have a special Christmas outfit to wear for the day?Not real really, just something that fits and looks cute.

10. Have YOU or any of your family members sat on Santa's lap? Yes, I try to every year. We usually have a Santa at the family Christmas party.

11. What is/or will be on your Christmas tree this year? I didn't put up a tree this year, but if I did my sister Anna made me a Christmas bulb that is glass and has a picture of all of us in there.

12. Do you/or have you decorated your yard for Christmas? No, I live in the city and if I decorated my side or back yard no one would see. A fence goes all the way around.

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