Saturday, November 24, 2007

Situation Sunday # 34

Hope all have had a exellent cranberry sauce day! On a typical day it takes me with my slow putor and dial up, a little over a hour to post the situations for the week. This week, I will again be getting home late on Sunday from my homecare job, so I thought I would just leave out the pictures and post the questions.....and so here we are.

Situation # 1
You have sent your young child out on a play date with thier play mate of the same age. The other child's mother told you that her son/daughter will be going to get their hair cut on that play date. You said " Why not see if you child could get thier hair cut too, it will look great for the class pictures coming up the following week. The child comes home with a Mohawk, or a spiked hairdoo......How do you handle that?

Situation # 2
You have come home, to a empty house. And you find 2 glasses of wine on the night stand, the bed is not all the same as you left it. Your spouse comes home from work, and acts like nothing has happened.....What do you do?

Situation # 3
You have worked extra hard at a job all day. The day after a holiday where there is extra work, nothing has been done to make the job any easier. No one was called in to come early. After a long day you boss has informed you that you have been given a letter stating that you have not worked up to par.......How do you handle that?


Jennifer said...

Great situations this week. Have a wonderful week.

jenn said...

My answers are up! Enjoy your sunday!