Sunday, October 21, 2007

This is the 29th post to Situation Sunday. I will stop at 30 if no more players. Jennifer has been playing right right along, and I want to thank her for that! The stat counter I have on the Meme shows me numerous visits from around the globe. So for today Jennifer can have the day off and purhaps others shall play if they want the meme to continue.

Jennifer said...
I done, where are all the players lately though??
Sunday, 14 October, 2007

Situation #1
1} You are in a big city, NY say....And you are walking down the street sight seeing and all of the sudden, there is a camera man in front of you and Barbara Walters is asking you " What is the question you hope no-one ever asks you".Describe it and what you would say.

Situation #2: You have been dating this person for a while. You love them and they have asked you to marry . As you are working out the final arrangements...your intend to be tells you....That they have had a sex change operation and that they are so glad that they decided to do it---How do you react,,-what do you choose to do next?
Situation #3
You have just won the largest jackpot lottery in the world. How are you going to spend it and what shall you do?


jenn said...

Okay. I'm not sure of how to play. Do I answer all three or pick my favorite? So, I did all three. Was I supposed to answer truthful, or make up a story? I went with truthful. I hope you keep doing them, it sounds like fun!

Jennifer said...

Oh, thanks for the week off. I was going to participate anyways with the announced week off, but I have already answered these ones, so check out my Situation Sunday category will find the answers in there.

Helena said...

Jenn, (HI) yes you answer all 3 and truthfully, there are no wrong answers. Thanks for playing.

jennifer: Did you change any of your answers, I shall check on them on the morrow! I think I should make you a special T-shirt, for being so faithfull on playing the meme!