Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Moving Day

{Salmon River, Pulaski NY, taken 10/21/07}

Today I wanted to just stay in bed, I was so comphy. Midgy called and said Hey it's a beautiful day, get up I will be there in 35 minutes. No I said, I wanna sleep. 35 minutes hardly gives me enough time to put my teeth in and my leg on. { My Boss used that expression, and I like it}. I forced my self up and into the shower before she came, at 9;30 we were @ Mom's Adult Home, and getting her ready to move. I dreaded it as much as she did. From a adult home to a skilled nursing facility. She called one foot in the grave. Milly helped by calling her wheelchair a Hurst. The warped sense of humor our family holds. I didn't realise how long the moving took. I scheduled work at 12pm. Midgy was really good at organizing and packing. Or throwing it all together. We actually had a little fun doing it. I can't believe 10 years have gone by and she has been at the home that long. My Grandmother was in a skilled place 10 years before she died. After we were all loaded up and at the new place, my Mom didn't want to get out the car, she said OK I have seen enough take me back. We had lunch with her there even before we unloaded her possessions. The food was very good, and plentiful. Neither of us could finish our meal. I could see my Mom stop eating and looked around at the various patience and she stated I don't need to be here now. After lunch we started putting away her things, she told us she is not going to be here long: she doesn't plan on staying. I told she needs to till I win the lottery. We had to leave at 2pm. I needed to get to work, and Midgy needed to get home her kids were getting off school soon. Milly went down after work, and I went back when I got done at 8pm. When I got there I found Midgy there (again) with her boy Mikie. Now again I am beat and that pillow is going to seem so comphy again. Actually I am so tired that my stress is put on a back burner for a while.......Happy Trails!!!


jenn said...

Put my teeth in and my leg on? That's great! I like that.

Helena said...

lol, I liked that expression too.