Thursday, September 20, 2007

Thursday's Thirteen List

Thirteen Things I Want to do Before The Snow

1} Go watch my nephews at a football game, One is in

the band, the other is the Dehydration Technician.

2}Go for a boat ride.{actually 3 rides, perhaps 4}

3}During that boat ride, eat at 2 of my favorite places.

Yanni's and Blue Water Bistro

4}Take my Kayak out.

5}Go on a few long bike rides.

6}Take fall foliage pictures

7}Get my garden ready for winter

8}Put away my summer clothes, and get out my fall

wardrobe, and winter wardrobe.

9} Fall cleanup the house

10}Fall cleanup the blazer.

11}Plant flower bulbs for next year

12}Win the lottery { As always!!}

13}After # 12 go South for a few months, till about


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ivan said...

wow! those were a lot of things to do. =) hope you can accomplish them all.

mine's up at Dear Me.

have fun!

Bloggers said...

i llove fall because i can wear sweatshirts.
summer clothing makes me , a mother of 3 , very depressed.

great post!

mine is up

WFMom said...

I love it. I so am with you on #9 and especially #12 (as if)!! Great list!!

Nicholas said...

I hope you manage to get all that done. No snow in Florida!!