Saturday, September 15, 2007


TGIO=Thank God Its Over!
I awoke to the sounds of rain....The musically melody of tranquillity. It beckons for me to go back to bed and dream, with the nautical sound in the back ground. I love the sounds of rain when I am inside cozy and comfy.....But not today, the universe has a different plan for me----Work. Yesterday was another long unrewarding day. I left the PO at 12:30, for a 4 hour route. That can be delivered in that amount of time, no matter how many times I have to sit on a busy Major highway and let traffic rear passed me. I went off on a secondary road, and stopped.....My temperature gauge read 260, in the danger zone. With my hood up, not one person stopped and asked for help. I walked up to the nearest house, knocked on the door and introduced my self to the stay at home Dad. He went into his garage and gave me a jug of antifreeze. { J } came it took him 30 minutes to get there. Got the temp under control and off I went. With total disregard to speed zones and stop signs, I am able to complete it right at 5pm. I was pleased with my self... I get back in the office and the Post Master says,,,We have to work on your time, for improvement---Ugh I feel like I can't win. No recognition for a job well done....I start to get moody, The boss does not want to hurt my feelings and She really is very gentle with me- As she tells me what a wonderful person I am, and she will help me. The clerk notices the gentle side of her,,,all she {clerk} gets is yelled at all day long. Oh well today begins another. Hope fully it will be better!!! Happy trails!!!

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