Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Rough Sea.......

Today is Sep 11, It is the 6th aniversary of 9/11. My prayers go out to all that have been hurt by that day. May we never have to relive a day like that or shed a new tear.---------------------------------------------------------------

Today is the last day of our camping trip. It has been raining most of the day, with at times downpours. We ventured up to Portsmouth and went shopping. At Kohl's I got the best pair of clamdiggers, Apt.9. I just love that style. I have tons of T's from apt.9, but now my first jeans,,,whoohoo!! We also hit the state liquer store and got some great wines. { J } even picked up a nice bottle for the raffle at our club,,I hope I win it. Other than that not a whole lot happening. I checked my email and had a message from "One" of my favorite nephews!! Actually they all are my favorite, but I do have only one favorite Goddaughter, hummm {encase the momma is reading this}. I also touched base with my friend Jenny. I will stop by her place on the morrow and help her make nicety with her place before the company comes. Now I am hoping the rains will die down for a nice stroll along the beach, and perhaps a fire for the night. On the morrow we shall venture on home.....I have decided that I am not going to bust my butt any more- I am cutting back on work and adding a bit more play to my life,,,,lol as if I don't have enough!!!! Happy Trails!!! from the Sea To Thee'

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