Monday, September 10, 2007

Memoirs From The Beach.......

{ Just for clarification, this is a tropical beach, unlike a Northern one I am at, but just as nice to me!}
Saturday right after work the rush began. I got home at 3:30 and we loaded up the truck, and hooked up the camper and by 4PM we were on our Journey. The truck was leaking antifreeze on the crossbar and making tons of smoke. A 3 hour drive turned into over 4hrs. { J } got out numerous times to clean it off, after 5 times I quit counting. Two times we pulled off at a exit ready to turn back. But we continued on. We arrived after 7pm. The weather was perfect to me, low 90's with a coastal breeze. As we started to pull in, the neighbor was using both campsites,his and ours. He had a nice fire going in the fire pit. I thanked him for the fire and he said "Your not having my fire" he yelled for his wife or wench, whatever to come out of their camper. She looked like she was 9 months pregnant, and they took the blazing logs on fire out of the pit. And carried them to theirs. I have never seen anything like that in my life. As I started to laugh at them,and told them we will give you wood if you need it that bad. I swore they must have came out of the woods from somewhere their is no other life form. The next day we noticed she was not pregnant just fat with a beer gut to match his, they made a cute couple.

That was the first night, as we went to sleep we heard the weather report calling for 85 the next day......We awoke to a cloudy day, occasion rain on and off. We made the best of it and actual are enjoying the time. This am we walked along Plum Island beach, very pretty beach and only a few other people. { J } is holding down the camp napping and I am at the library on my way to Golds Gym- Until my next post Happy Trails!!!!

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