Thursday, September 13, 2007

Nature....and sharing

I had no problem getting up by 5am. And I busted butt all day doing physical labor.....I need a vacation now!! For Clarification purpose I will define what Vacation and Holiday mean to me....Vacation is a long, long time away from work and ADL's { Activities of Daily living} it can range from 2 weeks to 2 months or more. Holiday on the other hand is short lived, from a day off till 2 weeks. After today I need a freakin vacation, LOL. This picture I took on the last day of Holiday. This baby seal was stuck on land waiting for the tide to go out. I dared not move him, all I thought about was the warning "Never touch a Young animal" The mother might smell your scent and disown its young. This seal waited a few hours for the water to rise, I kept it company. It has such a adorable little puppy dog face, I wanted so bad to pet it and reasure it all will be OK. I think that was very hard for me not to get close to it. It was truley a magical moment, that very few might never get to see, unless it is in the zoo- but her it is in the wild-Mother Nature taking over........Happy Trails!!!!!


bskaad said...

Nice picture.
My wife and me are leaving on Sunday, we are going to Oslo, the capitol in Norway.
I'm going there for work and pleasure and she just for pleasure :-)
We are staying some days, and i hope the whether is god.
Hope to be back with allot of pictures...

Helena said...

I hope you have a great time, and the weather is perfect. I am looking forward to seeing your pictures! Don't forget the Hope you both have a great time!!!!