Thursday, September 06, 2007

My Pitty Party........All invited

I work to much, I don't mean get up at 7am,relax around the house till close to 9. Then go sit behind some desk and answer phones or punch some keys and say at the end of the day "whew that was a tough one....My party begins: Wensday up by 5am and as the coffee brews play on the pc...drink coffee, jump in shower out the door by 6am. Get gas, and fluids for the day and a snack. Get to work and put up 5 tubs of 3rd class magazines to various people in the case I have to sort into-{ 427 people}. At 7;15 am, the new mail truck comes- that mail must get sorted and cased then pulled down in tubs in order of delivery. Besides the mail I have a boxholder on my right and Cabelo books on my left---Delivery takes over 4 hours,,,back to PO- again I have to sort 8 tubs of mags- UGH, I leave at 6;15 PM. Before I go home I drive 15 more minutes North to check in on my "MomMa' she has a sore foot and I have supplies to sooth the pain till Dr comes in am { Bandaid, lambs wool, and a smile:>). I go home by 7;40pm- { J } is asleep. Made a bowl of oodles of noodles for my supper alone- to bed by 9pm. { J } is awake at 4am in his room, watching tv- as he starts to fall back asleep my alarm goes off- He yells "get up",he dose not leave the comfort of his bed- I oversleep. Now its Thursday am-6 to be precise- I get up- have coffee. Turn on PC , it takes forever. I jump in shower, get out finish my coffee and check to see if I won lotto and can stay home-Nope. Out the door by 6:50. { J } is back asleep. I call him at 8am to see what he is doing today. Have another day like the day before except now I am on a different route-475 people. And 3 boxholders. As I load up my truck I wounder what my past life was like, that in this life I have to work so freaking hard for, and really for what. I make it through the day, get back and my fellow workers, at this point they are not my friends when they joke on my behalf- I told 2 of them I am not talking to you for awhile. They know I am joking and to lay off the Bull, my PMS meter can go just so freakin far! I am again the last one to leave the PO. I get gas to save me time in the morning. { J } calls and asks "Whatcha doing" as I start to ramble on and tell him I can tell he could careless, he asks me to stop and get him the paper. I get home he is guess where again,,,Yup in the freakin bed watching TV. I go out and MOW the lawn that needed to be done last week. Come in heat up leftover OOdle Of freakin Noodles....And turn on the PC. For company and to vent. I missed not doing my Thursday 13. { J } starts to ask me something in the room to other room conversation with out the intercom,,I answer,,He says What? I said I'll talk to you when we are in the same room,,,this yelling back and forth is not really working for me right now,,,I am sure he heard HUM..blah..blah blah and yelled ok- My night in a nut shell!..Oh by the way---Happy Trails!!

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