Saturday, September 08, 2007

The Am--All is quiet,,,,

It is a little after 5 am. Up early to do a bit more procrastinating. I should be packed up for my trip after work. I am still thinking about what I need to bring. I left a lot of stuff in the camper, so I really don't think I need much. My rain coat is in there, a pair of Jeans, I hope they fit. I have gained so much wait over the summer, and my lack of going to the gym did not help. It feels like my clothes are shrinking. I blame the dryer. Yesterday I went out and bought one of those folding wooden clothes lines. I will hand dry all my major stuff to prevent any more shrinkage.....I hope it helps. This shot was taken in the back of the campground this past summer. The sunsets were awesome. I am afraid rain is in the forecast this trip. But that means the ocean will be a pounding surf,,,so thats cool for the surfers,,,,and me the watcher.....Now I must focus on going to work.....packing....the trip starts at 4pm...if I am done with my route. But all so I need to think on some situations and write them up for Situation Sunday.....That shall be done earlie---After my shower- I need water to think,LOL- Happy Trails!!!

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