Thursday, August 09, 2007

yadda,,,Did I mention more yadda?

Can you believe it...The middle of August is upon us and I have yet ,,stopped and tried to find and capture a lighting bug. I used to love to see if I could catch one and gentle release it. Now that I am thinking of it; I haven't even caught a grasshopper. It is a sure sign that I have been too busy to notice the simple joys in life. It's either that ,or I just freaken getting old. I found out the other day one of my sisters are retiring, and another is getting a eye lift. They both look great and too young to retire. Me I just keep putting pennies into the fountain of youth. And I can't imagine not working,,lol, I am even working when I am not working. If I had some one to do all the gardening, yard work,laundry ex...I would be out the volunteering at least 8 hours a day, a few days a week. Guess that's why I love taking my holiday's. This weekend I will go spend a few nights at my little sister's taking care of the new addition to the family, it will be like a mini holiday for me. I can work during the day and then just chill,,,,perhaps I will catch a lighting bug, and release it. I am so looking forward to the space alone, and the quiet time. Friday's feast is upon us,,,Happy Trails all!!!

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