Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Was simple put a great day! The tide was so right for our venture out to our island. I must say sorry to the boats I hit on the way out of the marina...I am just learning to drive, my little boat. It seems all comes so fast at ya,,put it in forward,give it gas,,,look to see where you are going,,,shoot to many things to do,,,lol. Thank God Midgie used the oar to get us away. Coming back was much more easier....and I was alone. The water was warm,,if I was to guess I would say....78 degrees. Midgie brought Bella,,The cute little black lab,,,,And we had Bingo that goes for every Jugular vein he can find. He has never been around other dogs so this was a challenge for him. I felt much better when we put the masky thing on him. Midie left around 3 :15,,,I so wish we had more time. We are planning to go back on Sunday { Situation Sunday,,,The meme you should check out}. It seems like I want summer to never end. I know when it is coming to a close...the needle heads start to mate,,,and I know I mentioned it before,,when the needle heads mate and join as one,,the form the shape of a heart. Also this is the time the love bugs beetles start to mate as they eat away at your rose bushes. I hate the ending of the seasons...but I always seem to find the beauty in it, no matter how trivial they may seem.........Happy Trails

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