Thursday, August 30, 2007

Thirteen things about me

Thirteen Things about Helena

Thirteen Things about "Me"

1} I love to go boatinglove to go boating

2} I like to fish

3} I like gardening,,( And cooking)2} I like to fish

4}I collect heart shaped rocks, I find.

5}I love walking on the beach.....for miles

6}I work for USPS...delivering mail. And

I love my job.

7} I have a large close family, besides being related

we are all close friends.

8} I prefer to cook my corn in the micro-wave, with

the greens on, it comes out great.

9} I like my coffee strong, and hazelnut flavor.

10} I prefer steak over chicken, even fish. I am

not a big fan of poultry.

11} I like watching Lifetime Movies

12} I am a Buzz Agent, and my new thing I am buzzing

about is Pledge Multi Surface,pre moisten wipes, ask

me about them.

13} I am already late for work,,,,LOL

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Lazy Daisy said...

Heart shaped rock collection...I loved that. I glad you live close to family and really enjoy them. Great list.

jenny-up the hill said...

Neat! I collect heart shaped rocks too...I've only got a tiny collection though. Great list...the corn idea is one I'll have to try...

No Nonsense girl said...

great list!!!

I'll try the corn and I prefer polutry over red meat!

Lori said...

I love the heart thing. I actually have a few "heart" rocks that my son gave me when he was little. Happy TT-ing!

Borrego said...

Half of them aren't showing, I know how to see them, but some people might not.

Helena said...

Thanks Borrego, I noticed that last night and tried to correct it. As I was typing I noticed if I tried to copy, and cut the blank spots 1-6, It showed up as I highlighted them,,very weird. I usually explore all the other sites from people that comment, on my days off, or when I have more free time, so looking foward to reading every one elses 13 list. Thanks Again.

Nicholas said...

Nice list. I have to disagree with you about poultry though.