Saturday, June 23, 2007

A shinny nature lake- gone now

Saturday is here already,,Yippie! Only a few hours to go { Who am I kidding,,about 9 hours} Then I shall be off for a few days. Last week when I was on this route, I have to turn in a driveway to turn around and service this box, Well the lady, wrong word for her,,lets say Wench, much better. She was out plucking feathers off this chicken,,turned around and shook the naked bird at me- then dosed it in hot water. This wench is around my age, and I think we have totally different standards that we live by. Last year I had her arrested for waving her big fat ugly breasts my way. The cop said she had a case of beer in her by 1pm. Last week she must have just had 1/2 case in her. What a waste of a person. I bet she has never heard of a manicure, or the wonders of deodorant, or what a little make-up could do. So today lets see what kind of surprise she has in store for me. I had a nice day yesterday. My sister Midgie called me bright and early and wished me a Happy Birthday, She is such a sweety. She moved down here yesterday and after work today I will go see her. {J} made a nice supper for me. All my favorite foods and he topped it off with a Raspberry short cake. At work a very dear friend gave me this adorable froggy. Speaking of work,,,yikes I'm late!! Happy Trails!!!!

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