Tuesday, June 05, 2007


I was searching the web for memes that I wanted to do today and found these:Summer….

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1}How many hours of sleep do you get and is it enough?

Last night 7, and when the am sun is out, it is enough.

2}How many times do you get angry/upset and is it too much?

I rarely get angry, and the only one I think I have gotten upset with in the past 6 or so months would have been {J}, and probably because I couldn't get my way, or he was acting stupid.

3}How often do you drink caffeine and is it too much?

To much, it's in my coffee, tea, and pop.

4}How often do you use your cell phone and does it distract from your responsibilities?
I really hate talking on the phone, I could be doing other things, and usually I am and it disturbs me. I never sit around waiting for the phone to ring.
5}How much time do you spend on the Internet and is it too much?
Definetly too much. On a daily day 3 or more hours if I am not working. on days that I am working 3 or more hours, I rarely watch TV, before 9pm. I'll have it on as background noise.

nd the week before:
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1}Based on the current weather conditions, do you wish it were warmer or cooler? Why?
Definetly warmer, I like being out aside, boating.
2} two words best describe summer for you? Why?
Warm and fun! In free time I am gardening, camping, boating.
3} What are best reasons to enjoy summer? why?
Camping,Resting,biking,hiking walking the beach seeing new people and , boating.

4} What are the 2 worst things to dislike summer? Why?
Rain and burnt food, self explanitary.

5} Do you plan on going on a summer vacation? Where?
Definetly, camping at the beach and exploring the Northern East coast, Every year with {J} and my brother and his family, we look foward to the time every year. And my nephews love spending the time with us,,Visa/Versa

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FalnAngel7 said...

Dropping in to see your Tuesday Twosome answers. I relate to #1 - it does seem to be so much harder to wake up in the morning when its cloudy or still dark out. And I hate the phone now too. As a teenager it may as well have been surgically attached to my ear. Now if I don't recognize the caller ID, it goes right to VM. Have a great week!