Monday, June 04, 2007

catching up

Time to catch up on the weekend and memes. I had my 2 nephews over night on Saturday. We were going to go to the drive-inn and watch the new Pirate movie, but the rain came. So we rented a few movies, loaded up on the pizza,ice cream and made a fun time at home. The first movie was "Descent",and we only watched half at scary. We watched the rest in the am. Pretty gory movie, we all agreed we hated the ending. They need to come out with a second one. The next day we watched movies all day till 1pm. Then we went bowling. We had a blast, that was something we all sucked at but it was fun. Once we put the railings up and blocked the gutters we managed to get a few pins down, and even a few strikes so that was cool. Now on to a few memes I borrowed .......
i say... and you think...?
Savage :: wild
Warrior :: Indian
Daisy :: Flower
Schedule ::Hectic
Rock, paper, scissors :: Rock
Medical :: Doctor
Jade :: Stone
Elevator :: Hospital/Casino
Drain :: Clogged
Goldfish :: Fish Tank# 226
%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%Seven Things You Hate
1} Rude People
2} Elevators
3} Heights
4}Watching America's funniest video's, I find it stupid laughing at klutz's.
5} People with 20 items in the express line, and then they write a check,,,or have to count out the freakin 99 cents.
6} Showoffs and braggers
7} Short vacations
Seven Things I Love
1} Me
2} family and friends
3} My pets
4} Weed free garden
5} Sunny Days
6}Boating,Biking,Hiking,Camping,dancing { Have to cram them in,,getting close to my ending}
7} Sunny days and Blue-Skies

Happy Trails!!!!


meowminx said...

We dont have any similar mutterings for this week, but I enjoyed reading them :)

Have a great week ahead!

Helena said...

Thanks! Enjoy!