Thursday, June 14, 2007

My Whinny Mood

Well, today was another busy day. I was really starting to wine today. { J } managed to give me his cold. I tried to teach him to cough into his arm, and not his hand. He doesn't realize if he coughs in his hand and then does not wash it, and touches, doorknobs, phone ,remote that I shall catch it. Usually I don't because I load up on garlic, but lately I have been slacking. It really sucks being sick,,I don't take a day off for me, I don't have time for that. My next day off is Sunday, and plans are made. My sister, my friend really hates when I do meme's. She wants me to write about life,,,I think she is really looking to see if I am happy and got laid,,lol. But right now I am in my whinny moods,,,I work to hard, I want to have a small house and a as I was delivering mail I noticed this cool metal gate going down a driveway,,,made a note to my self- get a gate. For all those dreaming about a white picket fence- I have that,,,now I want a gate. My birthday is coming and I am dreading with a capital D, of getting older- I don't want to work all the time and miss out on the fun things....But can't have them with out the money so where do I find the "Media okra',,,I hate my laugh lines...and my 5 tone hair color, and that my feet are too big. Guess I just need a deep down huge hug! For my birthday we are going to the beach,,,,4 days to dream....Happy Trails!!


Anonymous said...

A big Hug for you and i will give you a hug and ????

Helena said...

LOL,,Just because you choose to write anonymously,,,I still know who you are MMK,,> Love ya,HES