Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Flowers and people

Today begins another chapter in my life. The funeral has passed, it was hard for me but I would not have changed that chapter of my life. It taught me a lot of new things and I had made a wonderful friend that I will remember always. I am glad I had the chance to bring her soo much happiness, as her whole life was spent making others happy. She was a great women. Certain people remind me of flowers, or if I see a flower I connect to that person.
Daffodil = "Bobchi", My grandmamma, she had the most beautiful bunches of them. And year after year they seemed to get more and more.
Geranium= Mrs C. she would save them year after year, { with my help} I would dig them out of the garden, re-pot them,,,she would clean them, and we put them in her living room, she had huge glass windows and in the dead of winter they would bloom.
Lily of the valley= My sister Milly. They are her favorite flower.
Sunflower=My sister Midgie, It grows and stands so beautiful no mater where it is. Like she does in all her moves. It is a happy flower, like she reminds me of.{ And one of my favorite flowers}
Lilac= My sister Anna. She longs to have them near here but the climate doesn't permit it. They capture your eye and your heart, like she does.
Calico Lily= My sister in law Katie. Beautiful, and stands out among all of the daintiest flowers. But is very strong, and hardy flower. A rare flower in most gardens.
Holihock= My oldest sister. She has one of every color.
Rose= My mother, beautiful, kind and no other can replace a rose.
Happy Trails!!!!

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Anonymous said...

i dont want to be a sunflower i want to be a bee..so i can see what everthing looks like in the garden and i can have a little of each one each day..lol