Monday, April 30, 2007

Tis, Monday

Here are my answers to Situation Sunday.
#1 } I would hold on to both for dear life and pray, and hope my Adrenalin would kick in and I would save them both. If that didn't work I would save either the youngest or the girl.
#2} AS for the meal, if it is something I would never eat or try I would just come right out and tell them. I would also eat the veggies if there was any. If the person got upset, I would apologize, and leave.
#3} I would hide in my car, lock all the doors and wait for light. I could not run the 10K home, and I am scared of the unknown in the woods and dark at night.
#4} I would just tell them no. Sorry its against my principles. If they are a true friend they would understand. And if not, that's their problem.
Well yesterday was the wake, numerous people. A lot I didn't know in all the years I took care of her. I hate that part of death but perhaps they did it out of respect for the family. Today is the funeral,,,,Shall post later-----------Happy Trails !!!

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