Saturday, May 12, 2007

Bits of the week

This here is a picture of the "Clear water". I went down to the river front and saw it, caught this nice young Irish man singing aloud and working, it sounded so nice, like a folk song. I planned to go back down and make a donation and tour the Sloop but time got away from me. I always wanted to join it and take part in keeping the river clean. This week I worked 6 days, and in every day I put in 11 hours paid each day, and numerous unpaid. We have this young man learning the route. First night he got done at 9pm, and left a ton of crap for me to sort through. The next day he worked I cased half his mail, and delivered a hundred stops for him. Yesterday I again helped him case, and another co-worker delivered 3/4 of his route, and he got done at 5;30pm. Unfortunately next week he will be on his own, I will be camping with the bears. Thursday night I got home around 7pm. Had a ton of stuff to do to pre-pare for Midgy's visit . I come in the door and I hear our 5 year old nephew TJ crying at the top of his lungs, He reached into our dog's dish of bones to give him own and Bingo bit him. They had to take him to Albany Med and have a plastic Surgeon stitch him up. ^6 stitches right below his eye and 4 stitches on his cheek. Again time exscapes me and I gotta run- Happy Trails!!!

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