Thursday, April 19, 2007

nekkid Thursday

Ok,,What I need to do now when I get yet another camera, is to upload numerous shots for this Meme on "Nekkid Thursday". This shot was of a Men's hot bod contest on the cruise,,,but as you can see it was to young for my taste,,,no one over 24 in it. Give me a contest with age reality,,,,35-55 year olds,,I want to have at least half a chance at looking good to that age category. My new camera died,,,it has a battery in it and was suppose to come with a charger but,,,they never put it in or lost it at the store. I called the Fugi Company and the girl I dealt with was great. She called me a few times to let me know they will find one and send me one. I was really happy with the service from them,,,Much better than the "Wally World" folks were I got it from. Glad thou I know can keep it,,,I really do like it.Today was a really long hectic day,,,went sooo fast, that if I wasn't so freakin beat I would write more about it. I got home after 7ish,,,and made my supper- { J} ate early as usual and was chillin in his bed,,,so it was a lot of the conversation of yelling between the walls over tv volume to hear each other. At times it really bothers me but then other times I think I am just grateful for my space. After so many years you kinda just get used to the flow of it. I wonder if this is normal,,or perhaps it should be changed. If I dwell on it too long, I'll get it's off to dream world. Do I feel a twinch of PMS coming,,,,Perhaps---Happy Trails

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