Monday, April 02, 2007

Manic Monday

Today was definitely a 'Manic Monday"....I forgot to set my alarm,,,Ugh. I awoke on my own--stretched and wondered what time it was...7am. Shit I had to be at PO in 30 minutes. That wasn't going happen- Arrived @ 8:15. And if being late wasn't enough it was the beging of the new month,,,which ment lots of bills and Everything- Dam I wasn't prepared. Around 10:30 am my phone rang---Am case I would have been on if not where I was....Patient down and couldn't get up---Great,,,,X -hubby there to help...{ 94 years old} I told them to call 911. I couldn't leave---That saying comes to mind " When it rains,it pours" I couldn't wait for this day to be over,,,,I was playing beat the freakin clock all day. I got home @ 7pm,,,{ J } was in a meeting...and I had the whole place to my self---And it was clean,,,,The cleaning fairies came when I was gone---What a relief to come home,,,have my space with out having to worry about anything. I putted around doing the extras,,,which I never have time for--- It made up for the day,,,,no more sorry to be me crap,,,,life was good again! Content as my Pooch....{for the moment}........Happy Trails!!!!

I have a great cute Dog!!!! "Pretty Pooch"

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