Saturday, April 21, 2007

All Country Roads Lead Home

I love this photo,,it is a private road on a Historic State park, The back way into the place. Those white trees stand out so boldly.
Finally the weather around here is getting warm and nice. Sunday we will work on cleaning up the boat and getting ready to launch it for the summer. I can't wait for our first outing on the river. I know this year we will have company a bunch on the river with my sister moving back home. Her one son loves to fish, And my {J} will take him out Striper fishing soon. Today is the last day of my tour...{ Postal talk } and I am glad I am on a lighter route today. Route 1 is totally overburden,, Makes the day really hectic for me,,Linda who does it more days than I.. loves to hear about my rants on those days,,it makes her feel less alone, and now finally some-one else can see the agony she goes through. Started this before I went to work, but ran out of time. Today was definitely not light, I got swamped with tons of parcels, it seemed like Christmas again. Was so glad it was a pretty day, that at least helped. I did finish last in my office , and that sucked. Left work and raced the 40 minute drive up to the "Home", to see my patient. She was so happy to see me. I took her out side in the warmth of the day, just what she needed. We sat out side for a half of a hour just enjoying the sun and some conversation. After she had her supper I came home. That place really depresses the hell out of me. I hate seeing people do a job half heartily. When the ones to suffer are the elderly. I heard this one lady cry for help for 15 minutes,,,her food was set in front of her,,,the aide was right behind her 2 feet away,,,yadda-yadding to a co-work over over stupid crap,,and she fails to her the cries,,,me I am 10 feet away and I hear them, After supper they jot down what the patients have eaten,,one aide has the book and she starts her fudging of it,,,another aide gives report on trays she has collected,,,so and so refused supper,,another refusal,,and on and on---Hello they needed freakin assistance,,not just a tray dropped in front of them. It really pisses me of to the max. I am going to end now and on the morrow thank my stars I am still young, and enjoying my day off. Happy trails!!!!!

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