Wednesday, March 28, 2007

half nekkid Thursday

When I have no new body part to show,,,This one is ok. I think I am over my bug,,,Thank God. Now I just have to deal with {J} and his URI,,,and my Patients URI,,,,Ugh sick people I need to carry Garlic and ward off all these germs.In this pick,,there are water droplets upon the skin,,,not some fungus. I can't wait to get to the ocean on a warm day,,,I love hearing the waves,,This actually is the mouth of Merrimack river. Across is plum island and beyond that the ocean. This am I got up at 5:15,,into the shower. Then I left at 6am to go donate blood. I feel this is needed {truly} donation thou was brought upon by Dr.s order,,,after my physical,,she wants to check out my cholesterol level,,,and all the other stuff they test for. When I was in her office,,she even did my Pap smear test,,,which as any one knows is not that great. Today they called to tell me they have to re due it because they used outdated lab stuff and the lab won't except them,,,so next week I go do it all over again. I got to work today on time,,,but still slow on this new route---last one to leave,,,last one to return,,,that really bites. Waiting for the day to do the happy dance---"I came in first",,,It will happen just a matter of time,,,perhaps on the morrow. Dam this week is going by fast---Enjoy---Happy Trails!!!!

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