Friday, March 30, 2007

Forgotten In Time

This shot I think came out pretty good....And the place amazes me....How old is it?,,,Why did some one just get up and walk away from it,,,Is for sale,,,can any of the structure be used as a base to start with,,,perhaps made into just a cabin to retreat to,,,to meditate,,,or to create,,,,humm,,,I think before the grass gets green I want to explore it more,,,also near by is a ,,,perhaps stone garage,,,,shall stop and take a picture of that,,next week. I wish I had the ability to paint what I capture with the camera. I think I have figured out what takes me so long to do my route,,,,I take too many pictures,,,Talk to to many people,,,And I day dream and fantasies about things,,,Some I can't write about,,,I have a "little sister" That might read this,,, Ok all kidding aside. I love to surf the web and find many sites of interest,,,and humanatary needs- I am not sure if that is the right word,,,My English is not good at times. But I came across this site this am,,As I am sitting comfortable in my PJa's ,,getting ready to jump in a nice hot shower and head out to work. This Veteran down in Florida is trying to make awareness to raise funds for a Veteran's Shelter and retreat. So many of our solders...are forgotten....The war's have taken a toll on some of their bodies and minds,,,They sit alone....nursing their bottle,,,some our homeless. Ok I don't mean to paint such a gloomy picture,,,not all are in that distitude stage,,,but most are,,,They fall victim to drugs to hide their pain. There is this Veteran in Florida who lives down in the Key's he has built a raft and will spend the next 30 days at sea,,,,His name is William Sampsel,,,,He had to tours in Nam,,,He is trying to raise money for his brothers of all wars. He is trying to get a Veteran's Shelter and retreat going in the Key's,,,,A place to help those that have served our country.
You can watch his live cam and check out how he is doing at For those that can please send some money to his cause....Even if it is .50 cents it all adds up......I think more people need to contribute to help others that are not so fortunate. ....Happy Trails!!!!!

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