Monday, February 05, 2007

Just yadda,,,,chillin and all

This shot is taken close by where my Father and my ancestors are at rest. These are peach tree's in the dead of winter,,,I love how they stand out with there red branches. I have learned a lot about tree's,,that might bore the average person. But I just find it interesting in a strange way. We all know the maple tree,,changes color in the fall,,,and eventually fall to the ground,,,Oak tree's,,their leaves get dead but hang onto the branches till new leaves come,,,this I learned this year. To much time on my own driving around,,,I gotta amuse my self and notice nature. Today was a typical Monday,,,,freaking busy where I had no time to dwell on the little things,,,I did 3 cases today and got home at 8pm,,,Made my self a Atkins pizza as I call it for supper,,,,I melted cheese in a frying pan,,,threw 5 slices of peperoni in it,,,,and once one side was browned it's done. No dough or crust,,,and it's edible. My girlfriend Linda is always on that diet and she comes up with some great ideas. She even makes this great potato salad with out potatoes,,,she uses cauliflower. Try it sometime,,you might even fool a few people. I have a lot to do this week,,,even my weekend card is filled already. I do not know how my sister Midgy does it with 3 kids at home,,,she not only has to make time for her self which she doesn't do,,,she has to follow her kids schedule and with 3 I can't fathom managing that. My friend Linda gets so stressed out working all that she does and trying to do her family life,,,her one boy is old enough to drive him self around,,,but the youngest is not and trying to do all and enjoy is hard. Me I have no kids and I race around for me,,,I have {J} which helps and he does a lot,,,but I hate to ask him,,,or should I say he makes it hard for me to ask him to do me a favor. Like if I was to ask him to do my banking or run my errands,,,it is easier to ask my friend Linda or Karen or my family,,,They would all do it with out making me feel like I am putting them out. The other day I was telling {J} where I think I might get into a bad car accident delivering the mail on this busy highway,,,And if that does happen to sue. I told my boss and QWAL,,,about it and nothing is getting done,,,He sounded bored about it,,,and half heartily listening to me. So I knew I could not count on him to do any thing so I told my little brother,,,he didn't want to hear of me in danger and if I got hurt there he would sue them to the max. Linda has the same thoughts on that spot and has mentioned it to her husband who is a cop. Well I have 2 more days of hectic schedule before I have to think of that spot again,,,,I want to win the lottery,,,I have major big plans in the works when I do. I want to build a big split level ranch home and take in,,,A few geriatrics,,,and on a few acers and have about 10 dogs,,,all adopted from shelters and I want to adopt a few kids,,,Told {J} about it the other day,,,He said good luck he won't come. He says that now but I know better,,,LOL,,he will be lucky to come. Ahh thank God we have our fantasies in life to help us get by,,day by day----Happy Trails------


Lady Luck said...

I added the translation ;)

Lady Luck said...

great great post, btw!!!

Helena said...

I'll Have to copy it later,,late as usually. I tried to read it in my translation today,,,I might be far off thou- Have a great day...How is the weather there?