Tuesday, December 12, 2006


This shot was takin Sunday on our outing to visit my patient's son. We went for a brunch,,,Her daughter in Law made a awesume meal,,,presention was great,,,we had Haddock-butternut squash-mashed potatoes,,,,the green on the plate was freash parsley in a lemon butter sause over the fish,,,my patient being served pureed food for the past 4 month's woofed it down with no problem,,,She had a great time,,,And resented going back to the "Nursing Home"--Ok word of advice here--This is for all you people that soon will be old and not able to care for your selfs!!...No matter how much you trust your kids or partener...Get a friend that you trust-AND WILL GET NO PROFIT-LOOKING OUT FOR YOUR BEST INTEREST..(AND A LAWYER)..BEFORE YOUR MIND GOES AND YOU HAVE NO SAY---As A home care specialist I have seen this happen more than I can count the fingers on my hand,,,,Elderly people trust their children or thier friends ,,,And greed takes over,,,the care that once was when their mind and authority was there no longer excists---We will all be in the same boat,,if we don't prepare..My patient now signed her farm over to her son's..the only stipulation she asked is that she remain in her home till she died---Grant it she fell,,,came close to death and needed rehab,,she had it yet remains there,,in hopes of going home...thats never going to happen...very sad senirio---and I have seen it time and time again over the years...Protect yourselfs befor it's to late!!,,,,oops need I say....Happy Trails!!!..On the morrow jokes shall be back :>)

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