Sunday, December 03, 2006

I was surfing the web and checking out photo blogs,,,first 2 I came across were very informative,,,and inspired me to post some of my favorites that I am sure are already on the blog,,,,but they are my favorite,,The web blogs I visited and learned a bunch from shall be posted once I gain permission,,,or remember,,,which ever comes first. I should take a class on photography,,,that is my art. Or perhaps it is my hobby as woodworking making fol tic art,,,any how it's late...too late for me, but I hope you enjoy,,,,any pointers ,,feel free to say---Happy Trails!!!


1Green Thumb said...

Nice photos, the blog is lookin good, I like te use of color inside of your posts. I am not sure about the ,,, things though : ) Good Luck to you!

Helena said...

Thanks for checking it out. I love taking pictures. Sometimes my content might be offensive,,but most of the time I try to be comical.