Sunday, November 19, 2006

Sister's and me

Sister's come in all shapes and sizes. Personalities are very close,,we can laugh at the same thing or cry about the same crap. Or wonder why the Hell you think that or do that,,and yet there is a bond there that can not be broken. We love each other unconditionally. We accept each other and laugh at the differences. We all have chosen different path's in life yet we follow and walk in each other's foot steps. I have 3 brothers; I wished I had more. We all get along great! We were born in a middle class family,,OK maybe below that. But to most of us we felt rich. it is funny some people are born with a silver or even gold spoon in their mouth, and yet they never seem satisfied or appreciate what they have, we were born with a plastic spoon held together with duck tape, and yet we were content. Perhaps not at that time but as I reflect back, I don't think I would have changed a thing. I have grown to appreciate everything and have compassion for others. Life is good! Happy Trails!!...Two guys are drinking at a bar. The first says "Do you ever start thinking about something, and when you go to talk, you say something you don't mean?" The Second guy says "Yeah, I was at the airport buying plane tickets, and the chick behind the counter had these huge tits, and instead of asking her for 'two tickets to Pittsburgh' I asked for 'two tickets to Titsburgh' The First guy says, "Yeah, well I was having breakfast with my wife last week, and instead of saying 'Honey can you please pass me the sugar?', I said 'You've ruined my life you FUCKING BITCH'/////////A pregnant woman with her first child, paid a visit to her obstetrician's office. After the exam, she shyly said, "My husband wants me to ask you...", to which the doctor replies "I know...I know..." placing a reassuring hand on her shoulder. "I get asked that all the time. Sex is fine until late in the pregnancy." "No, that's not it," the woman confessed. "He wants to know if I can still mow the lawn."/////////////////////George Bush has started an ill-timed and disastrous war under false pretenses by lying to the American people and to the Congress; he has run a budget surplus into a severe deficit; he has consistently and unconscionably favored the wealthy and corporations over the rights and needs of the population; he has destroyed trust and confidence in, and good will toward, the United States around the globe; he has ignored global warming, to the world's detriment; he has wantonly broken our treaty obligations; he has condoned torture of prisoners; he has attempted to create a theocracy in the United States; he has appointed incompetent cronies to positions of vital national importance.Now, would someone please give him a blow job so we can impeach him?

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