Thursday, November 09, 2006

I almost forgot a Nekkid shot

Well I needed to get a shot for my nekkid Thursday pic,,,One of my close friends said she would show her rear,,,,I was shocked,,,humm and also must be going deaf cause when I confronted her on this,,,,She said Nooooooooo freakin way,,,,I said my EAR!!,,,So here is my friend Linda's Ear,,,I am sure there are a lot of ear perves out there now,,,getting off on this crap,,,Try to control your selve guys and get some ENT help. Speaking of perverts,,,there is like way to many of them freaks out there that pray on inosent kids,,,,There is this web site out there and you type in your home address and find out where all the sico's are....Well I found out that there is this lady on another route,,,( Ugly lady) that raped a 13 year old boy,,,wonder if he was allowed to put a bag on her face to make it less painfull. When I told {J} about that he said lucky kid,,,,that was always his fantasy,,,I invited him to the nursing home to finally fufill that one but now it has changed,,,he wants a 21 year old,,,ugh. Any how go to this site and check it out or warn any loved ones you know of if you check their address,,,,,it is------- ---I put in my little sister Margaret's address she has 32 registered sex offenders living close by,,,,really freakin close and the fire under the gas can is this her handi man who lives next door he freakin is one.....I invited her to move in here before she buys a house on the Island,,,,and needless to say the maintness man is with out his job,,,,,I hope she did that!! (Double hint for you my love),,,I even invited her and the kids to come live with me,,,,Of course I plan to go back to my live in job,,,,so there will be plenty of room with a 4 beds here,,5 counting the one {J} is in,,,so the kids can all have their own and she can sleep with {J} on the nights I am not home....See sisters have beniffits and when you are in a close loving family like me,,,makes for no problems...Smilezzz ---Happy Trails!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!VERY DIRTY JOKES NEXT>>>>THE OVERLY>>UPTIGHT>>>FRIGID PEOPLE LEAVE NOW----------YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED------One day, a guy with premature ejaculation problems went to a doctor. The doctor said, "Whenever you feel the urge to ejaculate, startle yourself." So he went out and bought a starter pistol. When he got home, his wife was naked in bed, ready for him. So they got in the 69 position and started at it. Soon he felt the urge to come, so he fired the pistol. The next day, he went to the doctor. The doctor asked him how it went. He said, "Not too good. My wife bit off three inches of my dick, shit in my face, and my neighbor came out of the closet naked with his hands up----Yikes----Want m0re?? you have it,,,you have been warned,,,(Twice I might add)-----------------
There was a lady who worked in an all night drugstore. On a Friday she started working at about 8 pm so she would be there all night. At about 11 p.m. a mature man comes in and asks for some condoms. The clerk asks "what size will you be needing?" The man says, "Size? Guess it's been a while -- hell I don't know" Clerk says, "Well whip it out on the counter here and let's take a look." So the man whips it out on the counter -- the clerk gives it a few strokes -- then over the intercom the clerk announces, "size medium condoms to aisle 6." The man pays for his purchase and he is off. Around midnight another gentleman comes in and he is also wanting condoms. The clerk asks him, "Well what size will you be needing?" The gentleman says "Actually I have never purchased any before -- I have no idea." The clerk says, "Well whip it out on the counter here and let's take a look." So the gentleman whips it out on the counter, the clerk gives it a few rubs, and announces over the intercom -- "Size large condoms to aisle 6." The gentleman pays for his purchase and leaves. A little later on a young fella about 17 comes in and very shy-like asks for some condoms. The clerk asks him "Well what size are you needing sonny?" Of course the boy is quite embarrassed and blurts out "Oh my God -- size???" The clerk says, "Whip it out on the counter here sonny and we will take a look." Shy but willing -- the boy whips it out on the counter -- the clerk gives it a few rubs and then announces on the intercom, "Clean up on aisle 6."


Anonymous said...

i will have to find a 21 year old for j it will not be too hard.....

Helena said...

do it early,,he retires for the day @3pm