Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Picture is of a rainbow...of hope...I took it one night on the way up to the Trauma Unit up at Albany Med,,,,When I went to see my Patient,,,,When Michael was in the hospital I saw another rainbow,,but didn't have my camera...Rainbow to me symbolize,,,peace,,,comfort and love,,,no pot of Gold,,,believe me I have tried to find it,,As I approach the end of the rainbow the freakin Leprechaun laughs and disappears,,and I find a Visa Gold card application in its place!!! UGH.........I hate funerals,,,The whole part of it,,,The wake was tonight,,,,Tons of people there. Hundreds to be exact,,,It took over a hour in the receiving line before we approached the casket. Some of the people I knew from school,,,partying,,work and the gym. I even saw the girl that a old friend of mine slept with,,,Kinda wanted to ask if she was still sleeping with Jim or if she is back with her husband,,,but all I said was Hi,,and noticed how old she was looking and definitely not cute. I did notice a few hotty's there. They looked like the could have been young GQ guys,,,and if I was single,,,and younger I would have liked to have met them. I also saw this guy I knew when I was in my teens,,,I know he really liked me but I always thought of him as a friend. I remember when I was 14 years old and moved to Pennsylvania with my sister and her husband,,,How he would write me and want to ride his Harley out to see me,,,He was so happy when I moved back but he just wasn't my cup of tea,,,very nice guy thou. He got sick over the years I forget what he has,,,brain tumor or cancer,,,,but he said he was feeling good. I was thinking of many thoughts as the line proceeded closer to the coffin,,,I was sad and still really cannot get it in my head that he really is gone,,,never to return,,,He was only 39 years old,,,,He had many years to go...We got to the casket and I knelt and prayed,,,a lot of people just stood,,,I had to kneel and pray and look at him one more time,,,They put a bandanna on his head to cover the marks from the autopsy,,,,His color was gray,,,not the healthy glow he used to have,,,I started crying and touched his arm as I wished him well on his journey. I few people put thinks in there for him on the way,,,I am sure there was a few joints in there. The funeral hall was big but not big enough to hold all the people that came to see him,,,,One of his closest friends said if this was all the people that liked him,,image if those that didn't all showed up.....Tomorrow we have a mass for him across the street. Then off to the cemetery to bury him,,,And he will be gone forever. Every one is invited to our club for get together after wards,,,,it will be a packed house,,,wish he was there to enjoy it. This one girl at the funeral showed a picture of him sitting at the bar,,,2 hours before he died,,,,the clock on the wall behind him,,,and a drink in front of him,,,,,,,,,,,No jokes till Thursday,,,But I will wish you all Happy Trails!!!

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