Friday, October 20, 2006

TGIF= I don't think so

A shot from Olana,,,a historic spot in Columbia County. It was the home of Frederic Edwin Church. He built this castle home for him self and his wife in 1867. He had a heart shaped pond put in for his love....what a romantic gesture. The castle is magnificent.....He incorporated many of the idea's and designs that he had acquired in his travels to the Middle East. Many years ago my sister Anna had pointed out the tea-pots that sit up high on the corners of each side of the house. There are numerous trails around the site for jogging and hiking. And in the winter it is a great spot to x-country ski. This hill here in the summer you can expect to find a few people enjoying a picnic or catching some rays. I can see why Frederic loved his home here and painting the land side around it. Our one faithful dog we had many years ago---Kujo his ashes are scattered over looking the river. Last night I had a very restless night,,,,I kept waking up,,,,trying to go back to sleep,,,it was a crazy sorta night,,,then at 5am my phone rang and I just new something was wrong with my Mom,,,,as he handed me the phone,,,,I even asked what happened to Mommy?---It was my sister Milly and she was crying,,,,Mommy was having chest pains and in the ER. I told her not to worry I will be there shortly,,,,and jumped in the shower. I called Bobby to meet me there...{J} is not supported with me in any crises that I have to deal with,,,,he never came to the hospital the night my Dad was going...or my grandmother,,,,,I don't believe he was there when his father or Grandmother left either. His one Grandmother died down stairs and he sent me down to deal with his aunt..." I am much better at these things than him",,,or he thinks,,,it's just freakin hard for me as the next person. At times when I really need his support he is not there,,,so thank God I have my family.....I was even tex messaging a close friend and they were there for me,,,,and this I am thankful,,,,and blessed to have them in my life....My mom is ok,,,when I 8pm....she had a few tough bouts of chest pain...they gave her nitro a few times and morphine. I am hoping she is better by the am....they have my number and hope they call at the slightest reason. After many hours in the ER from 5am-1pm,,,,,we went up to the floor,,,on the way we saw the local Priest and he gave Blessings,,,,I hope these help. Not posting any jokes tonight---sorry but just wishing Happy Trails for now!!!!

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