Thursday, September 21, 2006

helping the less fortunate

As you can see I felt sorry for the homeless guy living on my street. I wondered what I could do to help,,,get him a clean outfit to wear every I went shopping at numerous stores and gave him all my bags,,,he now has a new outfit to wear for about 2 weeks. Today when I was up in Albany at the hospital I thought I would walk to the near by store. On my return walk this lady asked me if I had any change,,,I said no but in the back of my mind I wanted to say ya,,,and if you got a freakin job you could have some to. Clearly I really do not understand the able that can and choose not to do anything,,,grant it we will end up with a lot more dysfunctional Wally World greeters but at least they are working and trying. I am not a hard person,,and yes I do feel sorry for the working poor,,,but I grew up dirt poor to,,,and I never begged for a dime in my life. I was working when I should have been being a kid and playing. I wasn't born with a gold spoon in my mouth. Every day I get up and some days not early enough and I work or do with what I have. I am so thank full I do not live in a big city. When I get back to my little kneck of the woods I breath a sigh of relief....Well most of the time,,,,,tonight I had my work car and I was parked out front getting ready to call {J} to see why he was parked on the wrong side of the street,,,but a incoming phone call kept me talking for 20 minuets,,,when my neighbor pulled up. He is a bit crazy and tries to patrol the area the best he could for crack monsters. I think the years on drugs he spent really touched him. As he was ranting and raving right outside my tinted windows,,,,finally I rolled it down and tried to reassure him it is cool,,,,trying now to decide if it is safe living next to him or a accident waiting to happen. I have diagnosed him---paranoia schizophrenic,,,with manic depression. He was in the service a bit,,,but not during war time,,and If I remember right I think he got kicked out,,,,anyhow makes living in my neck of the woods interesting. But when I will the lottery remind me to sell and move. Happy Trails!!!!#####################
A husband was met at the door by his sobbing wife.Tearfully she explained, "It's the druggist. He insulted me terribly this morning on the phone. I had to call multiple times before he would even answer the phone. " Immediately, the husband drove downtown to confront the druggist and demand an apology. Before he could say more than a word or two, the druggist told him, "Now, just a minute, listen to my side of it. This morning the alarm failed to go off, so I was late getting up. I went without breakfast and hurried out to the car, just to realize that, I locked the house with both house and car keys inside and had to break a window to get my keys." "Then, driving a little too fast, I got a speeding ticket. Later, when I was about three blocks from the store, I had a flat tire. When I finally got to the store, there was a bunch of people waiting for me to open up. I got the store opened and started waiting on these people, and all the time the darn phone was ringing off the hook." He continued, "Then I had to break a roll of nickels against the cash register drawer to make change, and they spilled all over the floor. I had to get down on my hands and knees to pick up the nickels and the phone was still ringing. When I came up I cracked my head on the open cash drawer, which made me stagger back against a showcase with a bunch of perfume bottles on it. Half of them hit the floor and broke. "Meanwhile, the phone is still ringing again with no let up, and I finally got back to answer it. It was your wife. She wanted to know how to use a rectal thermometer."And believe me mister, as God is my witness, all I did was tell her." ***

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