Monday, August 21, 2006

This shot is taken one day on the way back from Swallow Island,,,Heading south on the river. I am going to make it a point to get back on the river this week,,,just not sure what night I want to take off. My one sister joined our boat club this year and her and her husband are getting there first boat. I can't wait!! Then they can sleep on the water and I will feel more secure.{J} can only sleep on the boat for 3 hours then he heads home and I am left with all the monsters of the night. I believe it is caused from all those scary movies I have watched.Well it is a few days later since I started this post, and just looking at this picture I can contour in my head the sights and sounds and smells around me and it relaxes me. It has been a very hectic week. Trying to juggle two jobs and all. Plus on top of that I know {J} has been insecure with me being at the post office next to a old boyfriend of mine. He would ask me why does it take you so long,,,not taking into account I have freakin mail,,plus trying to put in OT,,,Just puts alot of preassure on me witch I really don't need at this time. But I am sure it is hard for him to deal with it. The old boyfriend ment a very lot to me and it was a close call for him loosing me. This dam thing in relationships where you can only have just one. It's funny in some cultures the guy can have like bou -koo wives,,but if the wife was to take a lover she gets beheaded. And I think my Pt. who is 95 at the most I give her 2 maybe 3 more months. She just went into a major coughing fit,,,so after I got in under control....i am thinking more on the lines of days now,,,,,Dam how does that like make it Happy Trails,,,but it's all in the process of life---a Quote I read...on other peoples mail---"I went insaine due to prolong periods of horribe sanity",,,,,Better after sleep!!! Happy Trails!!

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