Monday, June 09, 2008

Weekend Update

Saturday I did the mail in 100+ degrees, in the mail truck. Good news is I must have lost weight, at least water weight. After that I raced home at 4pm, jumped in the shower, and was about to go to my one 16 hour case, when my elderly friend about 15 miles away called.....She missed placed her hearing aid....she can't hear the birds. I told her Sunday morning I will come and look....after I get off work. Sunday is my fun day mind you....from 10 am till the next day I am off....Yippie. Well I hunted and hunted for that hearing aide....with no luck. I even took her to the resteraunt she was at friday night to look.....nope. It is lost. I told her she will just have to get a new one.....little did I know they are $3000. dollars. Shit! I prayed to the Saints to help her find it. Left there and headed for home...{ J ) was waiting to go out on the river with me. I gave him $100. bucks for gas....he is a freaking poor guy. Well 15 minutes into the ride if poured,,,,we tried to beat the storm and head south but it was all around us. We headed home in the rain at 4pm, I get to try it again in 2 weeks.....Next day off is Sunday and that is booked with Fathers day B.Q. at one of our clubs. About 7pm I realized I forgot all about Situation Sunday....Oh NO....Well I will try again next week on that.....For now it's Happy Trails!

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