Thursday, May 22, 2008


This is proof Obama and Clinton have decided to work closer for the Democratic cause.
Do the days go...Last post I did was Situation Sunday. That was four freakin days ago. I am so glad I have today totally off!!. These past few days I have been working 2 jobs with just a 4 hour break and it seems every day I had something to fill those 4 hours. J's birthday was on Monday, I got him some shirts which he already has tons of. A Columbia fleece jacket that can join the others in the closet. It is soo hard to shop for someone that you have spent more than half your life with and they have everything. He is not the type to like a trip, or anything the normal person would like....since on his planet Mars he was the king. Also in the time that has lapsed my 2 nephews have got there learners permit to drive. Yesterday I took Johnathan out driving. We kept the speed below 30mph. He did great since it was his second time out. Only once did I have to grab the wheel and I swear a Angel helped. We were heading back to the house, it is on a narrow road, there was this truck parked on the edge and a van was coming the other way, We should have stopped to let the van pass but it happened so quickly......I and the angel drove between the both of them with a 1/4 inch to spare on both sides....Whew. The van was my brother coming to check on us. He said he wouldn't go to his wife, he knew all would be alright. But if he heard the fire alarm he was going....The alarm went off and he took off looking for us. Next road drive is with RJ. He only got 2 wrong on his test, And Bobby says he drives pretty good. So looking forward to that. Today being my day off I slept to 11:45,,,feels like I missed most of the day so time to move....Happy Trails for now!!!

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LOL Great photo Helena :)