Monday, March 03, 2008

Weekend Update

Saturday was a much better than I thought. The weather man predicted snow all day, no wonder they have the dic in that word. He was wrong as usual. We got about 4 inches of snow the night before but it didn't slow down the mail and all carriers completed there rounds by 4pm. I really wanted to do something fun on Sunday, go spend the night with a friend up at Turning Stone. Swim, soak in the hot But I came to the realization I need new friends. They either couldn't afford it, or because of kids they couldn't go. {J} said he would take me down to Rhode Island...We could take the dog there, but that came with stipulations too. He was only willing to pay $30 in gas....I would have to pay for everything else....Hotel, food, and more gas....And then still not have anyone to swim with or goof off with, how much freaking fun was that,UGH...I need new everything!! So Sunday rolled around and I was determined to just hang out with my self and make the best of it...I gathered my GYM gear and was going to the GYM, but on the whim I decided to call my nephews and see if they wanted to go up the mountains and cross country ski....They never done it,,,but were game.
They had a great time! And loved the new sport. Johnathan caught on quickly and was in the lead, the only thing he worried about is his hair getting messed up, or looking fat and someone seeing him like that. He is such a cutie, He needs to let his soul shine and just accept he looks good no matter what. RJ had a blast too, he really mastered getting up on skies, which is a hard task when one ski ends up going south and the other north. I am so glad they loved it, and now I have ski partners. We had such a good time I cann't wait till the next time, hopefully their Mom will come too. Up in the mountains it was so pretty, we saw a lot of people enjoying the winter sports, ice climbing looked so cool, but not for me. And today {J} is driving me shopping!! with a stop at a casino...YIPPIE, just wondering how much this shall cost me....Happy Trails!!!

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