Saturday, March 01, 2008

Two Meme's I played

The first meme can be found at::
..1. When you’re going to have a regular glazed doughnut, do you prefer it hot, cold or room temperature?Room temperture.
2. If you see a box of a dozen doughnuts, and there are no objections from the others in the room, can you stop at just one doughnut?Definetly yes! A old boss once told me....a taste on your lips will add years to your hips! ugh.
3. Which spelling do you prefer for the treat: doughnut or donut? Which do you see most often?Donut, too both Questions.
4. Take the quiz: What Donut are You? The answer never showed up, so I will say a Spice donut.
5. When was the last time you had this specific kind of donut? About 2 months ago.
6. If you worked in a donut store, and had to make them as part of your job, how long do you think it would take you — if at all — to become sick of even looking at a donut?
LOL...I did before at D.D. I got sick of them early on. Now if I was to stop by a DD, I would be happy with 3 munchkins. or donut holes.

The next meme can be found at:
...~I Sometimes Wish If Only I ~ (Fill In The Blanks)~
1. If only I could __ Win the lottery____ I would __ move and get my own place, and do photography for a living.____?:
2. If only I saved __ my money when I was younger____ I would _ have done a lot different in my life_____?:
3. If only I said __ you need to change in order for this to work____ I would __ truley content____?:
4. If only I had _Winter home down South_____ I would
__ Having my coffee walking the beach____?:


Patti said...

Ah! If only I had a winter home down south .. I would join you for that coffee on the beach!! ;) As it is cold and snowy here today!!! :) Have a great weekend.

jenn said...

I have an award for you!

Laane said...

I loved the last one.

You can find mine at

Enjoy your weekend!