Saturday, February 23, 2008


Last night I waited some what patiently for 9pm to come. I wanted to watch Moon light. Dam again it was not on. I wonder now that thw writer's strike is over it will come on again. I checked on Yahoo for upcoming listings.....Nothing for the next 14 day's. That God for Netflex. Now I wait for a movie to come. To save my sanity I went to YouTube and watched so very funny video's. In the search area I typed in TheManShow. When I was at my brother's office the other day, and he showed me one video from there that was hillarious. It was about a fake deer tied to the hood of the car, and talks to passbyers. Check it out, and other ones on there. Warning thou, Adult content.
This am I checked out the lottery numbers......Whoohoo, we have a winner here on Mega. Yup I came in 7th place. How will I spen that $7. Enough for just 1 gallon of gas and a soda. Time now to get a moving......It will be a challenge in work today, We have our mail count going on where management counts everything and our pay depends on it. Some say it is a time for management to do everything they can to pay us the least. I think some will quit after this, it will be interesting to see. Things that make you go hummm. Happy Trails!!!

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