Saturday, February 02, 2008

The Latest News

Ok, Remeber you heard it here first. Dr. Phil has told Britney Spears, she is a total screw up. He gave her the L to the forhead. Along with everyone else. She will get let out of the hospital again, and is free to go on doing what she does best, which is ruining her life, she does not appreciate the gift she has been giving. Dr. Phil has other things to do, he is racing to Punxsutawney, to try and help his name sake, Phil the groundhog from running away with his lover Philinia. Rumor has it there that he refuses to show his shadow to the media, and only Philinia. Dr. Phil will break the news to him that he is his father and to rethink what he is doing.
On to other news, now about me. Yesterday was very treacherous. We had a mix of freezing rain, and snow. Delivering the mail was more than tricky. Boxes were frozen shut. What would have taken me 3 1/2 hours on a good day,no box holders and lots of skips. Ended up taking me 5 hours. And now I need to get moving and go out and do it again. Not sure how the roads will be getting to work. Happy Trails!!

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Helena said...

Ok, if you came here this AM, I am sorry that post was messed up,it looked fine in preparing it, I never checked it till now.