Saturday, January 19, 2008

My Happy Trails

I think I am in my lucky faze of the moon. These past 2 days I have gotten lucky with the weather and getting back by 5pm, doing more tour. My sister Anna called and told me I have won a trip to Vegas in March for 4 days. I will be staying at the Ritz. The only catch is I have to fly and I am too afraid. She has to go to a convention there with work. She has won a award, she is a Excellent RN,the title of her award I am unsure of. She once won a Nurse of the year award and took me on a cruise, then we flew first class to San Juan. Now Vegas....I have wanted to see it once in my life.....I thought I would take a train or car. Well I have a day or two to dwell on it. She will be there with hubby and son, I would watch my nephew when she went to the award banquet. And my luck didn't stop there....I won 4 out of 5 on the lottery Take 5 game. Yippie! Not sure how much that will bring in, depends on the number of winners. I checked the past 3 days payout and it was in the $3hundred-$4 hundred range. Also my other sister got back from her cruise and bought me a gift set,,,gold Australian Crystal earring { They look like diamonds} and a necklace that you can wear with the pendit as it is,,,there is 2 parts to it,,or wear them inter change able. I can't wait to see how this day unfolds...I have 3 box holders and need to get to work early. Happy Trails To All!!!

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