Saturday, December 08, 2007

One More Day

I have made it to Saturday, Yippie! Now if it was only Sunday at 12pm, I would totally be off. Today I have to do a double work load and change hats at 7pm.Jenn gave me this award. I copied and put it up but nothing is showing as of yet.

I hope my award shows up after I publish it. Then I would like to give it again back to Jenn and also Jennifer and to Bskaad and to Santa !! I can't believe Christmas is getting closer and closer, and my cards are not even sent. I have no Christmas glitter out around the house. I do have my Christmas Boyd's Bears out. This Sunday I shall do more. I decided to make cookies, Coconut Macaroons, and finger dot ones. I have no idea what to send to my sister in Florida. I have to find a gift from the heart and get it in the mail, OOH so much to do. On to some other news.....Our postal contract went threw. And as always RCA's get crap. The regulars get a lump cash sum of a little over $600. And regular cola's. We get nadda....our gas reimbursement goes up a little by like 2 or 3 cents, and our pay goes up very little. When and if I go on to be a regular, when I get my cola, I am giving a percentage to the RCA {Linda}, because with out her help I wouldn't be able to do my job. Well if I wanna keep my job I gotta get moving.....I shall try to post Situation Sunday today, before I go to my second job....Happy trails!!!!

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