Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sounds of a Eagle, And The Case of The Stolen MOJO

This video if it comes out is really cool. It is of a baby Eagle and the mother. If you listen you can hear the sounds of love the Mother calls to her young. I have seen many Eagles along the river over the years but I have never hear or should I say noticed this sound. Grant it I didn't realize I was taking a video, I thought I was just taking a picture, that is why at times you might hear me or wounder why the shot is going side ways. This was taken a few weeks ago, as we were approaching our island. Today we were down that way at our last function for our boatclub. We had a roast beef dinner, and all turned out great except, my Mojo was stolen. I always win lots of prizes, but today my sister Midgie took most all the prizes, even as she was walking back from her car to the table, a guy approached her and gave her his prize of a bottle of wine. I could not believe her luck. Next year don't think I am telling her when it is,,,,Maybe then I might win. Every one there had a great time, Mommy was so happy to see every one and was full of smiles all day long. I hope this fall and winter go quickly and I will be able to take her again next year. Her legs are starting to quit on her so that makes it a bit hard for her to get around. Enjoy The Video!! Happy Trails!!!

It took such a long,,long..long time to put this on here with Dial-up,,,In my next life it will be faster,,,lol- Time spent on this...1 hour...1hr 15 minutes and still not done. I hate to stop it, I keep thinking it's going to end any freakin minute, but oh no it keeps going like the energizer wrabbit,,,Makes me wounder what video did I down load,,,purhaps all of my videos,,Yikes....Hope not.{ We are now up to 2 hours- Something is definitely chaotic with this !

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