Monday, August 27, 2007

Whats Been Happing

Again the days fly by. Sunday we went for a bike ride around town. The week before I think I sprained my knee, but it was feeling better. So instead of our 14 mile journey, we just took it easy. In the afternoon we got together with Bobby and Katie and the boys and headed to our island. I took my little boat, and {J} took the small Bay liner. I let the boys row around the river, as long as they remained in our sites. I knew my sister-in law was worried, she is very protective,sometimes overly. I would be the same way I am sure. Well the wind picked up and the boys were having a rough time, {J} hopped on his boat and brought them back,,,This picture is the boat "Rescue". They were in no danger, just not used to rowing against the wind. It was a fun day. Monday morning I awoke to having a hard time walking , my knew hurt like hell. I made a DR. appointment. I asked them to send me for X-ray before they saw me,,but they wouldn't. It is such a racket. I got up to the office only to find out my doctor had a death in the family and had to leave. They are going to see me today. In the news is the football player, who was caught having dog fights Vick set to plead guilty. I think dogfighting is totally wrong, cruel and any-one doing it should get the maxium punishment. Perhaps they should put that Michael Vick in a month of living the life of a fighting dog and then at the end of the month have him fight, another one that things its ok,,,and see who wins. It is so disgusting. /// On to me...So after not getting into to see the Doc, I went and got supplies to make peach jam- and suggestions or recipes send me, this is my first try. I am going to make Peach & Ginger Jam. In the evening we took {J,s} Mom her boyfriend, {J's} brother and sister in law out for a boat ride on the big Bay liner. We rode around a bit, searching for Eagles, we spotted a few. Then we headed to Yanni's III, for supper. We ate on the deck over looking the water, It was beautiful. A full moon was up and reflecting in the water. We had clams and calamari, for appetizer it was excellent. I had the Yanni steak which just melted in your mouth. Every one raved about there chose if entree...I can't wait to go again. Now this brings me up to Tuesday,,,going over to Jenny's and then at 4pm DR.s After that it is home bound and making jam---Happy Trails all!!


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